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Are your reviews safe?

Yes, we deliver safe Android Reviews. Our assigned app testers from different countries use various devices and different IP addresses to provide app reviews. In addition, every trusted tester installs the app first, check its main features and options, and only then write a review and puts a 5-star rating.

Can I choose a number of reviews to deliver per day?

You can easily schedule the number of reviews to be delivered per day. You choose it according to your personal needs. We can easily follow your instructions or can offer you the most suitable delivery speed for your application.

Can I write texts for reviews?

Feel free to upload them and we will follow your instructions. We can provide reviews in different languages as well.

Can my reviews get deleted?

We have never dealt with Google practice to delete genuine reviews. We always follow Google’s Policy and provide reviews from real people only, thus we never violate the rules and our reviews always remain safe. In case, the reviews removal occurs, we will provide additional reviews for free.

How long do reviews stay?

We provide permanent reviews, thus they will stay forever. Even in case of an app upgrading, the reviews will remain visible.

Do you send notifications of the work done?

We send every client a report on email address noted as the payment one during the registration procedure. We can also provide reviews’ screenshots, usernames’ list and dates of reviews written.

HQ Service

Modern Android users spend so much time browsing the Google Play Market in search of the newest and innovative apps for their everyday use and entertainment. When doing their search, they pay so much attention to the ratings and reviews of the before downloading. Now you know that ratings and reviews are more than important for the success of your app. We offer you to buy android reviews and ratings, which will give you 100% results.

Any review has to be reliable and helpful for other users. High-Quality reviews contain all the necessary information to convince other users to download, install, and use the app. When you buy Google play reviews, you can be sure they are written after our thorough research. Our devoted team inspects your app before writing a review on it, so the results will be trustworthy and efficient.

The skills of writing reviews of our team are outstanding and we are proud of them. Google Play Market is an absolutely open place where both users and developers can create, upload, and download something.

Once the app is created and uploaded to the Play Market, it will be rated and reviewed by those users who installed and used it. But in order to be installed and reviewed, your app has to be visible to users who will write reliable and trustworthy reviews. The chain is simple – the better your app’s reviews are, the more installs you have. Along with the reviews, the rankings of the app are also growing. And the growing rankings mean bigger profit and more success.

You might not believe it but about 1.8 billion apps are installed from the Google Play Markey every month. This number is significant and it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd in this case. The total number of Android apps on the Play Market exceeds 1.5 million. And it’s no wonder that most of the developers use the platform. Thus, Android is the most popular operating system all over the globe. It gives you good reasons to purchase your Google play app reviews to stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of High Google Play Ratings

Everyone owns a smartphone full of cool apps nowadays. Those apps help people to meet their daily needs, get thrilled when playing multiple games and help to learn something interesting. It’s not a secret that developers get revenue from each application downloaded from the store. So, the more downloads developers have, the higher their revenue is. However, when choosing an app, users pay attention to its rank and reviews left by other users.

Having a perfect marketing plan at the very beginning of the developing process is the key to the app’s success. And the Android app ratings help users to find your app easily. After trying your app, the users leave their reviews. Unfortunately, not all of the users do that to increase your ratings. So, if your ranking isn’t as high as you wish, you may purchase your Google play ratings. Such promotion helps your app to be found easily in the store, increase your ranking, and surpass your competitors. You can order such promotion services on our site to increase the success of your app! It will give you the following perks:

The Buying Process: Explanation

Want to make your Android app a leader on Google Play market? We know how to do it for a fair price and within the shortest timeframe! We will help you to choose the right package for your app promotion. Play market promotion is very similar to SEO, so leave that complicated task to professionals who know exactly how to reach the top of the search rankings. We believe your amazing app deserves to be installed by your target audience, so let us arrange this for you the soonest.

In order to get your Google Plat reviews quickly, you have to simply choose your package, order it and wait for an endless number of reviews. After the work is done, we send you a detailed report on your results.

Why wait for your rankings to be increased? We can do it easily and very quickly! All you have to do is to enjoy the largest amount of your Android app installs.

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